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Long Range Drone

Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies

Leader in Aerial Data Acquisition

  • The Best Sensors to Acquire Data
  • The Best Aerial Platform to Carry These Sensors

The Silent Falcon™ sUAS

The choice for the global sUAS operator who needs a system to:

  • Conduct silent operations
  • Provide up-close tactical imagery and intelligence
  • Stay in the air all day, with an extended mission range
  • Easily transport, operate and maintain in the field
  • Carry a wide variety of power hungry sensors and payloads
  • Easily change payloads to meet different mission requirements 
  • Offer low acquisition and operating costs

Rapidly Developing UAS Markets and Applications

Visual Electro Optical and Infrared Sensors

  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Homeland security
  • Search and rescue
  • Law enforcement, counter narcotics
  • Emergency response – fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, landslide, hurricane
  • Environmental – habitat protection, wildlife monitoring, regulation enforcement

Airborne Geospatial Data Collection Sensors

  • Mapping, geographic information and geomatic services
  • Elevation models, flood mapping, construction surveys
  • Precision agriculture
  • Mining and geologic exploration,
  • IED detection, gas leak detection
  • Drug detection
  • Geoid modeling

Typical SF-ISR-5 Imagery

High resolution mapping imagery

Typical operational imagery from the SF-ISR-5 payload

Typical SF-ISR-5 infrared imagery with target tracking capabilities

The Silent Falcon™ sUAS – An Integrated System

  • Extraordinary long endurance solar electric UAV
  • Can carry and power a wide variety of sensors
  • State of the art open architecture ground control and communications systems
  • Patent pending system and components; extensive IP
  • In commercial production

Silent Falcon™ Unmanned Aircraft System

  • Airframe
  • Autopilot and flight controls
  • Communications
  • Sensors
  • Ground Control System
  • Launch and recovery


  • All parts carbon fiber composite or fiberglass
  • Wings two piece supported by carbon fiber wing spar
    • Wing tip
    • Center wing panel
    • Easily assembled with snap latches
  • Integrated thin film photovoltaic solar panels
  • Separate payload bay
  • Separate parachute bay
  • Easily assembled horizontal and vertical stabilizers
    • Designed to be easily replaced in field if damaged
  • All electronics and electrical components on printed circuit board which acts as battery shelf on other side

    • Autopilot and Flight Controls

      • Micropilot 2028 g2
      • Very well known and respected
      • Military grade – numerous installations
      • “Talks” well to comms, gimbal, GCS


      • Wave Relay MANET
      • Gen 4
      • Extraordinary Capabilities
        • Mesh networking
        • Wave relay
      • Other comm systems available
      • Selected for bandwidth, different comm links, safety and redundancy features and option for highly extended range – up to 100 km with optional tracking antenna


      • Wide variety of application specific sensors and payloads available

      Horizon Ground Control System

      • Horizon software customized for Silent Falcon
      • Easily programmed for different mission profiles
      • Respected, heavily deployed and well known system

      Launch and recovery

      • Parachute recovery – packed in airframe
      • Catapult launch – spring powered

      Silent Falcon™ provides the best solution for applications requiring quieter flights and up-close tactical imagery and intelligence

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