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Equipment And Trainer


1. Electronic Test Equipment

  • Test equipment used in electronic lab such oscilloscope, function generator, power supply, etc
  • Brand : Goodwill, Yokogawa, Textronix, Lecroy, Agilent, etc

2. Electrical Test Equipment

  • Test equipment used for electrical power measurement such as Clamp meter, insulation tester, earth tester, etc
  • Brand : Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Yokogawa, Fluke, Megger, etc

3. Telecomunication and Network Test Equipment

  • Test equipment for inspection of Datacom cabling, IT networking and telecommunication such as network tester, LAN Tester, scope meter, cable analyzer, etc
  • Brand : Fluke, Rohde Schwarz

4. Measuring & Scientific Equipment

  • Measuring equipment for precision measurement
  • Brand : Mitutoyo

5. Process Control Equipment

  • Field instruments and analyzers used in process control plant
  • Brand : Vigilantplant, Yokogawa

6. PCB Processing Equipment and Consumable

  • Equipment use in processing a PCB start from design, developing, etching until drilling
  • Consumables use in PCB processing such as developer, photo resist, etc
  • Brand : Mega, Bungard

7. Educational Trainer

  • Electronic trainer, electrical trainer, mechanical trainer, robotic trainer, pneumatic & Hydraulic trainer, PC base trainer, etc
  • Brand : Electronica Veneta, Leybold, KNH , Festo, TQ, ED, Scientech, etc

8. Robot

  • Small robot and industrial robot such as Articulated robot, scara robot, cartesian robot, for pick and place, sorting , palletizing, spot welding and many other application
  • Brand : KUKA, Cytron

9. Chamber

Environmental chamber, EMC Chamber, etc for reliability test Brand : Espec, Tesx

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